NVScene 2014

It's back.

San Jose, CA, March 25-27, 2014

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Note: all times are San Jose time (GMT-8).

Tuesday, March 25th

GTC opens

NVScene opening remarks

Seminar: Real-time Fluid Dynamics - Maciej Matyka (maq / Floppy)

Seminar: Technical history lesson: Demo effects on the classic Amiga - Aske Simon Christensen (Blueberry / Loonies)

Deadline: ANSI / ASCII, Android demo

Seminar: An Introduction To the Possibilities of VR and AR For Digital Artists - Visa-Valtteri Pimiä (visy / trilobit)

Seminar: A Really Realtime Raytracer - Matt Swoboda (Smash / Fairlight)


Compo: Android demo

Wednesday, March 26th

Seminar: Procedural Content Generation and Shaders - Etienne Caron (Mr. Khan / NAID)

Seminar: Rules of Thumb for (slightly) Better Design - Thomas Mann (Pixtur / Still)

Seminar: Multi-platform Graphics Done Right - Bent Stamnes (Gloom / Excess and Dead Roman)

Deadline: 4k procedural graphics, PC demo

Seminar: A Journey Into the Depths of a 4096 Bytes Production - David Valentine (Polaris / Northern Dragons) and Beausoleil Samson-Guillemette (BarZoule / Northern Dragons)

Seminar: Interactive Simulations (where nobody has to die) - Robert Hodgin (Flight404 / Cinder)

Seminar: New Ideas and Techniques For Creating Real-time Imagery - Iñigo Quilez (IQ / RGBA)

Compo: 4k procedural graphics

Compo: PC demo

Prize ceremony

Thursday, March 27th

Seminar: Realtime Procedural Planets Rendering - Vander Roberto Nunes Dias (imerso)

Seminar: A Short History of Hardware Abuse - Michael Dille (the Madd Doc / CMUCC) and Derek Kozel

Seminar: Demo Engine Tricks of the Trade - Armin Jahanpanah (Spike / Science)

NVScene ends