NVScene 2015

March 17-20, 2015

San Jose, California


What a great event!

Whoo! It took us a few days to recover, but that just goes to show what a great event you guys helped us create!

We've had the opportunity some amazing demos and some inspiring talks; you can download the releases from Demozoo, Pouet or Scene.org, and you can watch the seminars below:

It goes without saying that we are very happy of both the record attendance(!) and the amazing feedback we've gotten on social media - we'll definitely work as hard as we can to make this happen in 2016!

Until then, see you at the nearest demo event!

Photo: Blacklight/ND

We're live

The event has started, watch us live!

Important: Schedule changes!

Attention: We had to make various changes in our schedule as far as the arrangement of the seminars go. Please make sure you double-check when the talks you're interested in take place, because a lot of them have moved places!

Schedule and more speakers

We have added two more speakers to our already impressive lineup, and now you can also check out the event schedule to see which session takes place when!

Your excuses have ran out - get your tickets now!

More speakers announced!

The second batch of seminar speakers is now public - and we're not done yet! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get updates, and buy your tickets now!

First batch of seminars announced!

We're proud to present you our first group of seminar speakers! As you can see we once again pulled together an interesting group of people talking about a wide range of subjects - but this is not all!

Over the course of the next few weeks we'll announce some more seminar material for you to prepare to, so follow us on social media to remain up-to-date about what you'll be able to see!

Also remember, ticket sales are open and we only have limited space, so pick your ticket up now!

We invite you even more!

Happy new year! We're proud to present our second invitation, coming from the demogroup Still, helmed by someone who can now be considered a regular speaker on our programs: Thomas Mann a.k.a. Pixtur! Download it here, or watch it below on YouTube!

Remember, tickets are already on sale, and we're still open for speakers, so take a look at our questionnaire!

We invite you to NVScene 2015

We're live! The NVScene 2015 site has been updated and you can now take a look at the new competitions and find out more about next years biggest US demoscene event!

We've also put our questionnaire live! If you plan to attend, submit a prod (remote submissions allowed!) or want to speak at the event, be sure to answer it!

A massive thanks to Cabbibo for the first invite to next year's event. It runs in WebGL capable browsers, so check it out now!

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